Material Carrying Allah’s Name


I found Allah's name written in Arabic on a raw eggshell. The eggshell cannot be kept and has to be disposed of. How do you suggest I should deal with the problem? Would it be a sin to dispose it off?


Muslims' love for the Almighty has led them to respect everything related to the divine in all aspects. This is why we do not just write Allah's name and His verses on things and then shove them away in careless manner. This has become a part of Muslim culture. However, we can do what is in our power and reach. For example we have no means to keep stuff like that respectfully at our homes. There is no escaping disposing such things of. What we can do is either to remove the name of Allah from the eggshell or burn it so that it does not travel through one dirty place to another until the egg is decomposed. I would suggest doing what we do with a piece of paper which is disposed to be part of the litter. We commonly burn such items. This to me is the best way of disposing it off. However, this is a matter of choice and different people would deal with it differently. The basic thing is the spirit of love and respect which flows from their actions.

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