Meaning of Burooj in Surah al-Burooj


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Kindly guide me about the meaning of Brooj with the reference to the context of Surah Al-Brooj, if possible in the light of Hadiths please.



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Explaining the word Burooj in this Surah, Ustaz Ghamidi writes in his tafseer:

"The word بُرْج means forts and castles. Here, it refers to the forts and observation posts in which angels of God are always stationed to protect the universe. Their evidence is presented to warn the arrogant leaders of Makkah and Ta'if that soon they will be held accountable for the wave of oppression they have let loose on the Muslims. The forts of the heavens bear witness that everything is in God's sight and His angels sitting in them guard every part of this universe. This arrangement has been made because the purpose is to make this world culminate in a Day of Judgement."

Kindly note that the word Burooj has been used in the Qur'an itself in this meaning (castles) in Surah Nisa, Aayah 78. This is the plain meaning of the word, well known in Arabic and there is no need to go outside the Qur'an to know about it. There is nothing reported from the Prophet (sws) about the meaning of this word. However, there are various opinions from the taabaeen scholars, some of them saying that Burooj means stars. The companion Ibn Abbas (as) is reported to have said that Burooj refer to the castles (Qusoor).

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