Mosque And Jāmi’ Mosque


While reading about Mosques, I found two different names for Mosques - Masjid and Jami'. What is the difference between the names? Is one of these types of Mosque "better" or "more important" than the other type? If so; what makes them more important? Are they representative of different schism in Islam, for instance Sunni and Shia names?


There are no different names of mosques in vogue in the Islamic world. Sometimes a mosque is referred to as jami' mosque because it is the central mosque of the town and the weekly congregational prayer (offered on Fridays afternoon) is held in them. The only importance attached to these mosques is that basically it were the political leaders of the town who would lead this prayer and discuss the issues of the public interest. But now this practice is not more in currency but the major mosques have prominent scholars who deliver lectures on Fridays before the prayer.

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