Night Of Power For Different Regions


How is it possible to celebrate shab-e-qadr in one night throughout the world? Many countries start their fast a day before us. Please clarify.


We believe that the timings are only related to us, the humans. They are not universal as Allah Almighty is beyond the limits of time and space. This issue can be understood in comparison to many other issues of the same nature as for example Allah Almighty descends to the world in the later part of night and asks if there is anyone seeking forgiveness. Similar is the case of the blessed nature of the timing of Friday Congregation and other excellences related to other blessed times. We have to try and worship during the month of Ramadan seeking to find the night of power. This is just like we have to fast during the month. Of course it does not mean that one part of the world is deprived of the blessing merely because of the difference in timings. The principle is we have to see the issue from our human angle. It is not necessary to look at these things on universal level.

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