Non-Zabeeha Meat


I live in Memphis, USA. I wanted to ask Mr.Ghamdi about the issue of non-zabiha meat (meat that has not been slaughtered according to Islamic tradition). Is it permissible to eat non-zabiha meat? I ask this question in light of two verses of the Qur'an that in my limited knowledge point me in opposite directions. One talks about how the food of Ahl-e-Kitab has been permitted while the other talks about abstaining from food on which Allah's name has not been pronounced. Kindly advise me in this regard.


The food of Ahl Al-Kitab was permitted simply because at the time of the Prophet (sws) they used to slaughter animals based on their religious rules (Sharia) which included pronouncing the name of God. Therefore there is no conflict between the two verses.

At our time we know that Jews still very carefully follow their Sharia, however generally Christians do not do this. Therefore in principle the meet provided by Jews can also be consumed.

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