Obligation To Form An Islamic State


I understand you hold that it is not obligatory for the believers to gather in number and fight for the rule of God. The question is how then do we ensure establishment of Allah's laws that were mentioned in the Quran, like inheritence law, law of divorce, law of punishment? What then is the wisdom behind Allah even giving these rules in the Quran? I believe in order to be able to practice all of Allahs laws we need to try and atleast give an effort to form an Islamic state, non-violently, rather than waiting for things to happen and do nothing about it?


It is natural for believers to implement the laws of God when they attain power in a land. A ruler who claims to be a believer and rules the Muslims but does not implement the Sharia and instead introduces some paralell he is accountable to God. However, we are obliged to follow the law. In order to amend the law we need to spread the awareness among the masses in the country that the system they are living under is not in accord with the dictates of the religion and that they need to vote such people into the office which are loyal to the shariah and the word of God. If the majority of the people who love the religion and want to follow it truly are aware of the fact that they need to bring a change they will inshaAllah be able to bring a change.

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