Offering A Defective Animal In Sacrifice


A lot of people sacrifice castrated goats. People from a certain denomination term this sacrifice as unreligious. Please advise if castrated goat is allowed to be used as sacrificial animal?


One must not pick out a physically defected animal out of the herd. The stress to offer a physically sound animal for offering is actually more meaningful for those who have many animals and pick out a sick one for the offering. This obviously means that they have inferior item to be given in the way of God. This attitude is harmful for one's religious conviction and should be avoided.

But what if I have only 7000 rupees and cannot buy a healthier and sound goat? Should my sacrifice be inferior to that of a millionaire who offers a goat worth 75,000?

Besides, the issue you have raised does not involve any defect. Goats are castrated for some technical reasons. It does not make them defective and it does not lessen their value.

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