Offering Only The Fard Ṣalāh


I have been watching your show in USA. I will appreciate if you can answer my following questions.

1. I work full time. When I come home I am totally exhausted. Is it okay to perform only

Fard ṣalāh (without Sunnat and Witer) and can I do Maghrib and Issha Namaz at the same time.

2. Is it okay to do Namaz with Nail polish on?

3. Can I make up for the missed ṣalāhs?


1. The obligatory prayer is the only fard prayer. The rest of it is optional. If you offer the optional prayer you are highly rewarded but leaving it does not incur sin.

The basic obligation that we should try our best to fulfill is to pray in the due time. However, when there is no chance then instead of leaving the prayer altogether we can combine them. But this is originally allowed only when we are travelling. But I believe instead of leaving the prayer we do that.

2. Women who wear nail polish after making ablution can assume to be nails as pure during the subsequent wudus and pray. However, when parts of it are removed then they should remove the whole and again make a wudu and wear the nail polish again. This means the part covered under nail polish is pure as long as the polish is intact.

3. When we have missed the prayer we should offer it as soon as we are free to do so or in case of forgetfulness when we remember it. That would mean we have offered it in time.

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