Offering Prayer According To The Shi’i Fiqh


I would to know if it is possible for me to pray like my would be husband who follows another religious denomination. We are trying to find a way to practise our religion in the same way, especially for our future children. Our main differences in praying are:

he doesn't put his arms on his chest,

he doesn't raise his finger while in "tashahhud" sitting and

he doesn't say "amen" after al-fatihah.

In the shia beleif, doing these three things is not permitted. This would invalidate their prayer. Thus, my question is: As a sunni, is it permissible to me not to do them?


Thank you for the email. We believe that since these practices are not obligatory part of the prayer they can be left. However, I do not understand why you would comply with the forms of prayers that they follow? If he has the right to offer prayer the way his fiqh school tells him why cannot you follow your understanding? This indicates to the problems that lie in intersect and interfaith marriages.

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