Offering Prayer Led By An Imam Who Commits Polytheistic Acts


I would like to know if it is permissible to pray 'Jumu'ah (Friday) Prayer led by a person who goes to graves of righteous people to seek blessing from them and also prostrates on graves? Please note that there is no other option for me. My college is situated in a village and the only option is to pray in that particular mosque. Is it permissible to offer Jumu'ah (Friday) Prayer at my college after delivering the sermon?


If the imam prostrates before the graves of the righteous persons he commits an act that can safely be termed shirk (polytheism). However, such acts are often explained away by these people. They claim to be monotheists and that they do not commit shirk. Thus we cannot declare them mushrik (polytheists). We see that the Holy Qur'an rejects the Christian beliefs about divinity of Jesus Christ and declares it a polytheistic act yet it does call the Christians mushrik. It does not deal with them like the polytheists of Arabia who openly confessed their polytheism. In the light of the Qur'anic guidance we cannot say that those who visit the graves and commit polytheistic acts are mushrik and non-Muslims. And as long as a person is considered believer we can offer prayer behind him. It must be disturbing for you but I would suggest keep praying behind him if you have no other option. You can also arrange Friday Congregation in the hostel if that is possible.

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