Offering Unlawful Services To The Non-Muslims


In a country like Turkey, Government offers booze, bars, night clubs, and massage parlors and allows sluts for incoming foreign tourists. This is boosting economy. This causes their business to flourish. The question that I have is this. Can a Muslim Government proceed with Non-Islamic ways of providing entertainment to Non-Muslim tourist? Of course doing this will encourage locals as well to engage into all these vices but in principal can politics interfere with Islam especially in economy.


We think that there are legal rulings in Islam which are based on some religious percept and belief like for example prayer and fasting. There are also rulings which hinge upon certain other things like for example wudu which is necessary for the prayer. Then there are rulings which are based on moral principles. Zina is a moral sin. In the case of the former the believers can entertain others by offering them food in Ramadan and prayer place for Christians, for example. However in the case of the latter rulings it is not allowable to any believer, ruler or commoner, to offer anything like that.

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