Ownership Of Dowry


My question is regarding the ownership of dowry.

Who is the actual owner of dowry items (including furniture, ornaments, crockery etc) that the bride's parents gift her in wedding?

Who is the actual owner of ornaments that a bride receive from her in-laws in wedding?

Does the husband or the in-laws has any right on the dowry items? does the husband has any right to gift them to his family without concerning his wife's will?

Hope your answers will help me erase my confusions.


Since the dowry items are gifted to the bride these are exclusively her possession. She is also the rightful owner of the items gifted to her by her in-laws. When we gift something to another person we actually transfer its ownership to that person. According to the Shari`ah nobody including her husband enjoys any right on the possessions of the bride and can no way gift or lend it to any party without the consent of the wife.

It may further be worth mentioning here that the Qur'an has strictly prohibited the husband to ask for the return of any such gifts even in the case of separation and/or divorce.

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