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My question to you is regarding the various surgical (or sometimes medical) procedures carried out by the plastic surgeons for healthy patients who wish to have them done, mainly for the purpose of enhancing their appearance. Is it allowed? From the Doctor's point of view, is he allowed to carry out working in the plastic surgery profession?


We cannot consider anything Haram unless we have clear reason that it is Haram.

We know from the Sira (manner) of the Prophet (sws) and his instructions that he disliked people who would change their appearance to something that was not in line with the natural look of a human being. We also know that he disliked people who had changed their appearance in order to deceive people about their age.

Therefore if some one wants to do plastic surgery to change his appearance to something that is not natural for human being or to deceive others about his/her age, then this is not wrong.

Other than the above, from purely religious law perceptive (i.e. disregard of other social, cultural and personal issues) there is nothing wrong with undergoing or performing a plastic surgery. This may be in order to change the appearance or to become more beautiful or to fix a not very balanced appearance or to take away some of the effects of age with no intention of deceiving people.

Of course from religious ethics point of view we may say that it is better that the person is happy and satisfied with his/her appearance, however this is not related to Halal and Haram since it is a personal choice.

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