Pointing Feet Towards The Qiblah


I have always been told never to point my feet and legs in the direction of the the Qiblah. I have to go to the extent of sleeping on the wrong side of the bed to comply. Is there any validity in Islam to this practice?


Manners and Etiquette are an important part of the social fabric of a society. Such practices engender respect and veneration for entities which are worthy of them. As such one should try to observe them as much as possible.

Thus greeting the arrival of an elder by standing up or keeping one's voice low before one's parents are manners and etiquette which one needs to observe and one generally does.

Similar is the case with pointing feet towards the Qiblah. One should try one's best to avoid doing so because it would be a sign of disrespect to one of the most holy places on earth.. However, in circumstances when this is not possible one can of course do otherwise. A person himself or herself is the best judge of such circumstances.

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