Polygamy In The Paradise


I am happily married and am living with my wife. We love each other. We strive to fulfill all our religious obligations and pray to God to grant us His mercy and success in the afterlife. One thing that disturbs us is that I do not feel it easy to have more wives in the afterlife. I would rather live with my present wife if God Almighty so willed. I wanted to ask will I have to keep more wives or my desire to live my present wife only will be granted.


The most important and prominent principle stated in the Quran regarding the life in Jannah is that one shall have what he/she desires. Not a single verse in the Qur'an can be validly interpreted to mean that more wives will be imposed on a man. If both the partners are granted jannah by the blessing of Allah both will have their desires. If both desired to remain in company alone their desire will definitely be granted.

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