Predetermination And The Right To Choose A Partner


I am Naveed Ahmed Nizamani. I am a student. I most often watch your program "GHAMIDI" cordially. I have a question for you. So many people usually make a discussion on "destiny". People say that couples have already been predetermined by God. And people have no authority on their children to get them married by their own choice. Do I have authority to make a decision for my couple or has it already been decided by God? Does Allah have authority to make couples for the people?


wa alaykum us salaam, Thank you for writing to us. First of all I would like to mention that there is no religious basis of the assertion that the couples are made in heaven. However, it is a fact that many of the things and circumstances are predetermined in our life. Our parents, our financial status and many other things are predetermined, as we cannot do anything about these things. But we are well aware of these limitations. There are things where we can put our effort and things where we are bestowed with the freedom of choice. We are in fact raised in certain circumstances and have been given the will to respond to various aspects of the test and the trial in these circumstances. I do not think there should be any doubt in the fields where we can exercise our free will and the one where we do not.

The matter of one's life partner lies within the lot where we could exercise your will. This is what we usually refer to by saying that you have to choose the right match. To say that pairs are formed on heaven means the Almighty already knows with who your would marry but you have to decide for yourself. Thus the sentence should only be taken as expression of our belief that the Almighty knows what will happen in the future and what we will do next and that he has all power to do what he wills. It should not stop us from putting our efforts to acquire things of our liking deeming it predetermined. Nobody would for example starve himself to death and hold that God wanted him to act that way and that He is responsible for this act. In short it is our belief that God has predestined many things and knows everything about my life. However, it does not mean that I must not decide on whom to marry. I will do my job and will not stop acting positively merely on the ground that everything is predestined.

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