Procedure Of Divorce


I want to know the procedure for divorce for a husband and his wife who are living in different countries have not spent a day together after their nikah? What does our religion say in this regard? They were there together at the time of their nikah but the husband left the very next day to USA as he is a US resident.


There is no specific procedure to be followed. We should follow the legal way of divorce promulgated in our country. The husband can intimate through sound means of communication that he has divorced the wife. Please note that it is commonly believed that one has to pronounce and declare three divorces at the same time. This is against the teachings of Islam. The husband should just declare that he is separating and divorcing his wife.

If the marriage was not consummated after the nikah and the both had not entered into sexual relationship then there would be no iddah after the divorce. The wife will have the right to marry another person immediately.

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