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Why is the procedure of nikah not available on any Islamic site including yours? What is the procedure of nikah point by point in detail? Can a father offer nikah of her daughter instead of a religious cleric in the presence of nikah forms? Is it necessary to ask the bride and the groom verbally their consent in presence of participants? Is it important to announce the amount of mahr? Is it important to recite a few verses from Surah al-Nisaa? If yes then how many verses must be recited? If instead of Surah al-Nisaa some other part of the Book of God, for example Surah al-Fatihah is recited shall the nikah be valid? How did the Messenger of God (sws) conduct nikah of the Companions?


The basic ingredients of the nikah are limited to formal declaration of marriage between a male and a female openly. Mahr and other conditions can be settled before or after the marriage. It is not necessary that only a religious cleric conducts the nikah. The father of the girl can declare her acceptance or even the girl can be present and declare her approval.

Mahr can even be determined afterwards. The sermon is not predetermined. It is only an optional act. An elder of the family can say something about the nikah and its importance. No specific verses or hadiths are required to be read out.

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