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I have a question regarding the procedure of talaq. I read the first six verses of surah talaq and as per my understanding we should decide with the families of both and even after deciding (talaaq) girl should remain with man for three menstrual cycles. The purpose of three cycles is to give the two of us time to reconsider the decision because even though talaq is allowed yet Allah does not like it. But in our society, in separation as well as tense conditions no lady lives with in laws. What can we do in this regard? Moreover what is the standard procedure of talaq.


As regards the violation of the divine guidance to the husband to keep the wife with him and the wife's refusal to stay with her husband during the iddah we believe that it is the duty of the religious scholars to educate the people in this regard. It is very important for the people to learn the proper procedure of talaq. People do not even know that they should only pronounce a single talaq at a time. They tend to use all the rights in single go and then regret later on. This is the duty of the educated people and the religious scholars to teach the people. However, if a husband does not keep his wife with him or the wife does not like to live with him during the iddah it does not nullify the talaq.

As for the correct procedure of talaq please refer to: Procedure of Divorce

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