Questions About Existence Of God


I believe in God, al-hamdulillah. I believe that He is one and our creator and supreme of all. After truly believing this, can we think or research about following:

1) We all are created by God but How God himself did come into existence?

2) What is your research in that, if you did any?

Secondly is it true that:

1) Prophet Mohammed (sws) prohibited to think or discuss about such matters mentioned above?

2) Is there any authentic hadith for that?

I heard Mr Ghamdi once that it does not mean what usually people perceived. If this is so then please tell me, so I can repent.


1. Only a created needs a creator. By definition God the Almighty was not created therefore He does not need a creator.

2. The Prophet (sws) has not prohibited thinking, it is reported that he prohibited thinking about matters with regard to God that are beyond our mental capacity. Thinking about these matters will not benefit us at all and can easily result in false theories and understandings. An example is 'thinking about the person - Dhaat - of God'.

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