Quranic Ruling Regarding Inebriation


According to a verse in the Quran you should not come closer to the prayers in an intoxicant state. This implies that at the rest of the moments you can stay in such state. While as per other verse intoxicant is haram at all moments. Is this a contradiction?


The Holy Qur'an was not revealed overnight. It was revealed piecemeal over a period of time. It does not end an evil prevalent in the society with a single stroke rather it adopts the very natural way of gradual elimination of the evil and its replacement with the right. Therefore, we see that the Most Wise did not order the Muslims to stop drinking at once. First the Muslims were required not to intake liquor before the prayer hours and not to pray in inebriation. Later on when the Islamic spirit was instilled in the believers and they could adopt the change they were completely forbidden to intake liquor.

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