Qurbani In The Name Of The Prophet


I have a small query regarding qurbani. Can we offer qurbani in the name of our Prophet (sws)?


It depends what you mean by offering Qurbani in the name of the Prophet (pbuh).

If you mean mentioning his name to remind yourself of his Sunnah and/or to express your love for him, before or after saying the name of God, then as long as it is clear what your intentions are, there is nothing wrong with this. However you need to make sure that this will not become a custom and part of a religious ritual.

However if you mean mentioning his name instead of God's name or with God's name as part of the ritual of slaughtering animal then this is wrong, it can be Shirk and it can even make the meat of the Qurbani Haram to be consumed (depending on what the exact intention and assumption was).

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