Reciting Surah Al-Fateha In The Congregational Salah


Do we have to recite surah fatiha in the silent (sirri) and in the loud (jahri salah) behind the imam? If yes, then how in the loud (jahri salah) when the imam is concluding the prayer?


Thank you for writing to us. When we are offering the Prayer behind an Imam we follow him. We do not actually need to recite surah fatihah for the Imam does that on our behalf. While in the sirri (which is whispered) prayer we can recite surah Fatihah. However, in jahri (recited aloud) prayer it is better we just listen to the Imam's recitation. Since it is not basically obligatory to recite Surah Fatihah in the sirri as well as jahri prayer before the imam, we are not required to recite it when we join the prayer late.

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