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Mufti Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi had written a risala (pamphlet) to prove that Hazrat Abu Talib was a kafir and is in hell for ever. He wrote this risala a very long time ago and sunnis of Pakistan had almost forgotten this risala and fatwa. But unfortunately in the recent past few Sunni barelvi ulema who have a crooked mentality have started to spread this fatwa among sunni masses through booklets, their fatawa, their speeches and above all through internet at this web address:

I request you to kindly read this risala in minutest of the details and kindly refute every argument and every reference given by the Mufti Sahib.


Whether Abu Talib was a believer or not has absolutely no religious significance for us. We will not be asked in the hereafter whether we believe that Abu Talib was a believer or a non-believer. Considering Abu Talib to be a believer or not does not make some one Kafir. This is merely a historical issue.

We have no verse of the Qur'an that says explicitly that Abu Talib was Kafir. Those who use some verses of the Qur'an to prove their point on this issue are in fact relying on Ahadith that interpret those verses. On the other hand those who consider Abu Talib as a believer, too are relying on some other reports to that effect.

All these Ahadith and reports need to be studied in detail before forming any opinion about the belief of Abu Talib. The question however is that what good such study will bring to us from religious perspective? In my opinion, none!

Please also note that we are not associated with any religious sect and are not representative of any.

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