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Does a woman need an extra sheet or daupatta to cover her chest? Will it be ok if she wears a very loose shirt or puts on a kind of upper garment in which her chest is not visible?

I have heard that after the third talaq too woman should not be kicked out of the husband house. How can a woman live alone in that house with her ex husband? Or my understanding about staying of ex-wife in same house is wrong? Please clarify.


It is not obligatory to cover the chest with any extra cloth like dopatta etc if the objective is achieved. I mean if the body parts are covered in any other way that they are not prominent one cannot say the command has not been fulfilled.

A husband is not obliged to keep the wife in his home with him after the third talaq. The wisdom behind the command to let the wife with him in the same house is that living together is hoped to lead to reconciliation and settlement. However, after the third talaq they cannot remarry. Nor is this talaq revocable. When they cannot legally reunite there is no need of their staying together. That is why the husband is not obliged by the shariah to keep the wife with her after the third talaq.

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