Relations With The Daughter Who Married A Christian


My daughter married a kitabi (Christian), against my and her father's wishes. They have been married for five years now. I have a grandchild (one year old) by her and another baby girl is due this month. I was communicating with her up to the birth of her son a year ago. Then I stopped all interaction with her because I felt I had given her enough time to come to her senses. My husband and my eldest daughter also stopped talking to her shortly thereafter. I would like to ask if this is fair to my grandchildren, should I have contact with them? Even if not that often, maybe they should see their grandparents now and then? Am I committing a sin by seeing them? Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


We believe that it was your duty to counsel and advise your daughter regarding the religious rulings and her duty as a believer. You have done enough. Now it is not obligatory for you or your family to completely cut off all relations with her. You can visit them and interact socially. This will not only give your daughter a sense of protection and security but also create ways for her family and her children to learn about Islam and its values.

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