Revelation To The Non-Prophetic Figures


Are there any individuals other than the Prophets who received the Divine guidence?


The Holy Qur'an has called the Holy Prophet (sws) 'Khātam al-Nabiyyīn' i.e. 'the last of the Prophets'. It entails that Allah has closed down the process of direct revelaion of the religious guidance. It implies that no further religious guidance through revelation can be expected after the demie of the Holy Prophet (sws). Those who claim of receiving the divine revelations are liars deflected by Satan. The Holy Prophet (sws), clarifying this reality, has been reported to have said:

Abu Hurayrah (rta) narrates that once he heard the Holy Prophet (sws) say: Nothing of revelation remains save the 'mubashshirāt'. The people asked: What are 'mubashshirat'? He replied. It is a good dream.

A good dream does not signify the divine guidance either. If we interpret it as the divine revelation, the narrative would clearly contravene the Holy Qur'an.

(Translated into English by Abid Mahmood)

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