Reward For Childless Parents


I hope you are doing very well. I have been browsing the internet for information on this matter but, unfortunately, couldn't find any satisfying answer to my question. I have been married for many years now, but, unfortunately we don't have any kids. We have always heard ayahs and hadith regarding good parenting and rewards for it - including grant of a place in heaven. My question and concern is that if a couple stays childless due to Allah's will, is there any compensation for that hereafter?


We believe that this is the world of test and trial. Allah Almighty tests some through blessings and some through trials. The believer's duty is to be thankful for the blessings and be patient against the trials. The Almighty Allah promises huge regards for those who bear patience. Therefore, you are requested to hope for the best and believe that Allah Almighty will bless you for your good behavior. You should also try to seek medical treatment for the problem and pray to God to bless you with pious children.

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