Reward For Works Of Future Good


I have studied your writings about transfer of reward to the deceased but could not understand that nobody will carry the burden of another one. Everyone will get the reward of his efforts. What about the events which are mentioned in your answers? If someone plants a tree or digs a well or builds a block of some religious institution, all beneficial to the public, will he be rewarded?


Allah Almighty is merciful and He is also just. He does not hold us accountable for the deeds of the others. He does not however refuse the credit one earns by his efforts. Take for example a person who builds a school for the well being of the people of his locality. If the people take benefit from it and this continues untill after the death of the man does not he merit reward for the good deed he did that continues affectting the life of people in a positive way? I believe this is absolutely justified. However, if I do some good deed on my own and then try to transfer the reward to someone who is dead and who no contribution to what I did how can that be possible? This would be against justice. However, if I do some good deed and by that I draw near My Lord I can ask Him anything. For example I can pray to God to forgive my grandmother or a friend. It is upon God whether His wisdom allows that my prayer is accepted or not. He may accept my prayer and He may also not grant what I ask.

I hope I have clarified the questions. If however anything remains unanswered please feel free to write back.

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