Rituals For The Widow


Could you give some direction as to the Islamic ritual on a woman after the death of her husband?


The widows have to observe the following directives of the Shari`ah during the waiting period:

They do not get married for four months. (Al-Baqarah 2: 228) If a woman is pregnant, the waiting period is extended to the birth of the child. (Al-Talaq 65: 6). This extension is because the women actually feel it real hard to find themselves alone and go through a great mental stress and sense of loss. This is the element of mourning the death of the husband in very appropriate way that women are required to wait more in this case before they marry another time.

A widow is not supposed to participate in the lively parties and functions and not to embellish herself during this period. By refraining from embellishing themselves and avoiding using any perfumes, jewelry etc woman actually mourn the death of the husband in the most decent way. Thus avoiding putting on jewelry and wearing makeup etc is an adequate expression of grief and loss and these things are not required in themselves.

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