Role Of Clerics In Conduct Of Nikah


I wanted to ask what is the role of clerics in nikah because no verse of the Quran is necessary to be recited in the ceremony. Yet we see even the People of the Book like Christians and Jews make rabbis and fathers present in a marriage. It is just a tradition or is it religious obligation? I heard in one of Javed Ghamidi Sahib's lectures that nikah is acceptance of both parties. So why do we call clerics, fathers and rabbis to conduct the nikah?


In the Islamic Shari'ah nikah is accomplished when an adult male and female with thier open and free consent declare in the open that they are entering marriage bond. The presene of the cleric is not binding. It does not affect the marriage if two indidividuals gather their friends and family and accounce this. However, in our culture we try to keep the spirit of the open declaration and also try to involve the religious scholars to deliver a sermon and advise the couple and pray for them. This is not necessary but it is important for us and the elder of the family or another respectable person advises the couple and prays for them in congregation. As for the Jews and Christains I would request you to try to find out their laws in thier sources. You can visit for Jewish law and any other christian site.

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