Seeking Children Through Wazifas


My question is about dua. I am happily married for the last ten years. We don't have children. I understand that the Quran commands us to always ask from Allah. Pray and beseech only God because we have two prominent examples of two prophets Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and Hazrat Zakariya (AS). They did not have children. They put their need before God and He gifted them with children. Keeping these things in mind I always ask God. But recently, one of my friends who had no children came to me and gave me good news that his wife is pregnant. He told me that he asked and talked with some pir sahib. The pir gave him some wazifa to recite and prescribed dua. This my friend did and was later blessed by God. My friend advises me to go for it. I am confused. Should I do this or not? I am not satisfied but you know the position of the one who is childless. What should I do? Secondly can my wife get infertility treatment here in Canada? Most of the doctors here are male.


We believe there is no such wazifa or any other magical words that can force God to abandon His scheme regarding us. It is only by the will of God your friend got his wish. We should never look to any such peers and lose our faith in God's power. No one has the power to force God. If we believe that our prayers do not work and the intercession of pir or his prescribed wazifas can change the ways that would be polytheistic belief. Therefore, we should always avoid these things. We need to take all medical treatment and continue praying to God to grant us our wish. Male doctors are not a problem. Treatment is an extraordinary situation. Here we are not expected to observe the laws governing normal circumstances.

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