Sex During Menstrual Cycle


I have learnt that a husband and wife cannot have intercourse while the woman is having her periods. I also have a psychological problem. I usually see blood on a piece of cloth or on an object. I have to throw it away. I always wash my hands rapidly. I am afraid of the sight of blood. Anyway my reason on asking my question today is that about fifteen years ago when my husband and I got married we went on our honeymoon. I think I was in my fifth day of my periods. We had intercourse not knowing that was haram. We never did that ever again because we felt guilty for doing it. But now that I know that was haram it is bothering me so much I cannot even sleep. Can our sin be forgiven by God? Is there expiation that we can do to earn God's forgiveness?


It is a sign of strong faith (īmān) and concern for the inner purification alive in yourself that keeps pinching you and which has led you to the doorsteps of your ever Merciful Lord. True repentance, it needs to be appreciated is like a drainage system which removes all the filth from a body. There is not crime ever committed which could not be undone through the means of true repentance and taking shelter in the Lord of the worlds. Therefore, regardless of the question whether indulgence you committed is severe or mild your conscience bears witness that you reflected on the transgression and kept away from the act again. This shows that your Lord has heard your call and has helped you follow the path of His liking. He did not let you repeat the act. I would suggest seeking forgiveness from God. We should never lose hope in His mercy and forgiveness. The Holy Qur'an is clear on the matter that those who have committed evil however severe it may be have the option to turn to their Lord and seek his forgiveness who attributes are tawwab (the oft Relenting one) and the Merciful.

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