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My question is about the shia imams. I want to ask that Shia Imams lived for quite long time. I mean a few hundred years among Muslims. They were from the Prophet Muhammad's family. Why they allowed the shias to build their tombs and Imam Bargahs and call them divine and so on? Why didnt they stop them from becoming a party? The family of the Prophet (sws) was there when the Abbasi and Ummayads were fighting and killing each other. Why didn't they stop them?


The tombs and Burqas were made much later after the Shia Imams. It seems like most of these were made at the time of Safavids in Iran that is just about 5 centuries ago.

The perception of divinity is something that according to the Shia narrations the Imams themselves denied and attributed the belief to Ghulat (those who exaggerated). There are even narrations where the Shia Imams are cursing those who attribute the claims of divinity to them.

Rasool's family are not excluded to Shia Imams. Shia Imams are only one line from the generation of the Prophet (pbuh), there are many other lines. Even Abbasi people could be considered as the family of the Prophet (pbuh) as they were coming from Abbas the uncle of the Prophet (pbuh).

Since the ruling system was in the shape of kingdom rather than Khilafa based on Shora, it was very natural, like many other countries, that fights between different families or tribes would appear in an attempt to change the dynasty. Due to the political infrastructure of the time, it was literally impossible to avoid such wars . Besides, Shia Imams (except Ali ra), more specifically Jafar ibn MUhammad who was the Imam of the Shia at the time, never had any political power to stop such fights nor had any motivations to do so.

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