Significance Of Slaughtering In The Prescribed Way


I live in the US. My question is about halal meat and halal meals in the country. I have researched the slaughter houses both Islamic and non-Islamic. In both animals were bled from the neck, hung upside down, the only difference was that a recording of holy Qur'an was played in the background in Islamic slaughter houses.

So if healthwise both are same can we use regular halal category of meat by saying Allah's name on it before cooking? There is also availability of organic high quality meats but we are confused about consuming them? When I read in Qur'an 5:3, 5:5, 2:173, 6:145, and 6:115 it appeared that we can eat after saying Allah's name on it. This is also supported by the hadith where the Prophet (sws) allowed consumption of eatables from non-Muslims after saying Allah's name on it. Please comment.


The Shariah rules regarding slaughtering animal has two aspects, physical health and spiritual aspect. Issues like blood draining are about the physical health while pronouncing the name of God relates to the spiritual aspect. Pronouncing the name is in fact us justifying the killing of what God has created, for our eating purposes. This justification is a legitimate one simply because God Himself has instructed us about it. Therefore while the two meets you described might be similar from health perspective, from the spiritual perspective they are totally different.

The passive verb used in the verse 6:121 and the logic of the question in the verse 6:119 make it clear that the pronouncing of the name has to be at the time of the slaughter.

The Hadith you are referring to is not about non-Muslims, it is in fact about a group of new Muslims living in Sahara. The Companions were not sure whether they had pronounced the name of God Almighty. This is the case where the person who slaughters is a believer. We know that if he knows and remembers the law he will follow it, we are just not sure if he knew it or remembered it when slaughtering the animal. This is totally different with a situation where we know that the person who has slaughtered the animal does not believe in the law that we are obeying.

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