Sinfulness And Repentance


I am Tuba and I am male aged twenty-five years. My question always teased me and many a times I had tried to do extreme things in my life. I had a lust for homosexuality since the last 10 years. My family cousions let me into this and on and on this lust increased. I am really ashamed of this lust. I want to get rid of this situation. I mean I want to take my punishment. I do not know what the punishment is.


My dear brother, one of the most important elements of repenting, one that not many sinners can achieve, is the genuine feel of sorry. Alhamdulellah your e-mail is evident that you have achieved this necessary element. The rest is much easier Insha'Allah.

You do not need to look for punishment for yourself. Do not share this information with any one who knows you and keep it between yourself and God. Please complete your repenting by following these steps:

1. Feel genuinely that you are sorry about what you did (this as I said, seems to be already achieved Al-Hamdulellah).

2. Decide not to repeat the sin (this is only a natural consequence of the above).

3. Do Istighfar and pray to God to forgive you. Do this in the most passionate way you can.

4. While observing all your religious duties, increase your worship of God by fasting and reading optional prayers to purify the dirt from your soul.

5. Regularly read the Qur'an, be in the company of righteous people and leave people who are regular sinners. Remind yourself about your death and the hereafter and remember that the Almighty always sees you.

If you do the above then God will love you as a person who truly repented (look at the end of the verse 2:222).

Other than the above, if there is a way to seek professional advice from an expert about your sexual orientation then I suggest you do not miss it.

And pray for me.

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