Some Questions About Zakah


1. My wife owns 8 tola gold. Out of these 8 tolas, she uses 2-3 tolas as jewellery on a daily basis. She has saved the remaining 5-6 tolas in her cupboard and hardly ever uses them. But this whole 8 tola gold is in our possession. This amount of gold has been with us for the last one year and a few months. I just wanted to ask you that should we pay zakat on this gold asset that we have. If yes, how much?

2. I am not working anywhere at the moment and am jobless. I was in the UK earlier and I have some savings with me and also gold that I mentioned above. Me and my wife are using these savings to meet our ends. In this case, what amount of zakat is payable?

3. If I go back to the UK next month and start working again, what amount of zakat will be payable by us in that case?


Thank you for writing to us. The gold that is in daily use is exempt from zakah. This means that only remaining gold which is not in routine use is zakatable. If that amount is over and above the nisab (exempted amount) only then you need to pay the zakah on it.

As for the money you have saved you need to pay 2.5% percent of the total assets. The fact that you are jobless or that you would be spending the money in a few weeks or months does not take away the obligation.

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