Status Of Magic And Meaning Of The Expression “What Your Right Hands Possess”


I know prostitution is a sin but can you please tell me then what does it mean by "Whom your right hand possess?"

Secondly, what is wedlock? It's an understanding or a contract between a male and female.

My previous question was:

Is magic possible? If yes then how to get out of it?

With my humble understanding of Qur'an, it is not possible to do magic. But history (Hadith) tells you that it is possible. So should I follow history or Qur'an?


"Whom your right hand posses" refers to slaves. The concept of adultery is totally different from the concept of sex with slaves. The foundation of the first is simply and only to satisfy lust. This is not true for either sex in marriage or (the no longer relevant practice of) sex with slaves.

Wedlock is a contract that is resulted from mutual understanding and agreement of the husband and the wife.

Magic is possible and the Qur'an has referred to it in a number of places: 2:102, 7:116, 113:4.

There are people who claim to know special methods to fight magic and I am not one of them, however I am sure that sincere prayer to the Almighty and reading his Book, specially the verses that indicate seeking refuge with Him against evil will help a lot.

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