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I want to learn what is Mr Ghamidi's view regarding the second coming of Jesus who is believed to come and take care of humanity. I was born an ahmadi. I went through hell because of being ahmadi without ever really embracing it. My childhood started with "ahmadis are kafirs. And one who will call them Muslims, he will be called a Kafir too." I was ashamed of myself. 1974 was another year of indignity and humility. I am 53 years old with three grown up children. I am not going to ahmadia mosque for more than 3 years and my children are not really crazy about them either.

As you as always do - and if time permits - please give your opinion in the light of Qur'an and sunnah about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, his teachings and his believers. Looking forward to hearing from you.


We believe that teachings of Mr Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani are unfounded. His claim to be a prophet (of whatever sort) is not justified according to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (sws). However, we do not have the right to declare those who believe in him as kaafirs (by kaafir here is meant someone who knowingly rejects the truth of being convinced of its veracity and therefore destined to punish eternal punishment in Hell in the Afterlife). We believe that it is for God to decide who knowingly rejects the truth and is declared kaafir and it is upon the state to decide if a particular group's beliefs do not correspond to the accepted Muslim beliefs and should not be considered Muslim in that state.

Our duty is to properly understand the teachings of Islam and communicate our views to others in a wise and descent manner. We may not sell indulgence to those believe in our views and brand others as kaafirs. For more on our views on Qadianis please refer to:

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