Status Of The Prophet Muhammad (sws)


What is the factual position when people say that Muhammad (sws) is the beloved of Allah and the leader of the Prophets and Messengers?


We believe that the Prophet (sws) enjoys great status. God Almighty loves all the pious people. The position of the Prophet (sws) can be imagined from this fact alone. The Qur'an says that all the Messengers were equal as their status of the Messengers of God. We need to respect all of them democratically. However, some of them were given excellence not enjoyed by the others. In this regard, for example, Moses (sws) was addressed directly. The Prophet (sws) was sent as seal of the Prophets and the institution of prophethood. The book granted him is to serve as guide for all mankind till the last day. It has been secured from any changes and corruption. These things indicate his excellence and his relation with the Almighty Allah.

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