Sufi Karāmāt


After a deep study of Tazkia-e-nafs by Amin Ahsan Islahi and Burhan by Javed Aḥmad Ghamidi I am clear about tassawuf. But just want to know the exact nature of the karāmāt because if people get benefit from them then is it not good? What is the difference in the sufi karāmāt and spiritual experiences of yogi meditation?


We have heard about many karāmāt (miracles) of the walīs and sufis but I am not sure about the authenticity of these things. I have never seen any such thing that could have helped the believers a lot. For example it would be a great karāmat today if someone forces unity among Muslims and does something to remove the evils and even the enemies. I don't believe that such a karāmat would ever occur. What about finding the killers and criminals in the Muslim society? They always remain at large and no spiritual person ever takes such a step. As for as influencing others through psychological means that has a long history and is still in practice. This is not something in the control of Muslim saints. As you have mentioned non-Muslims can also accomplish that.

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