Supplication And Predetermination


My question concerns the role of dua "supplication". We are taught that a lot of issues such as marriage, provision and life have been predestined by Allah? Can supplication effect destiny?


We should realise that Allah's decisions work in the framework of causation. So, a person destined to earn 10 rupees would earn them only if he worked for it. Humans have to toil. In destiny, effort precedes results.

Then, a lot of matters are left to asking. We observe this in human dealings as well. Employees are provided for to a certain degree. Any other needs are subject to requests. Likewise a lot of matters are answered only upon supplication. Allah's decision to provide or resolve issues of life, health or provision or otherwise may be tied to a person's requisition. It is not a matter of changing them rather they might be based on supplication.

This question was answered by Mr Ghamidi in Deen-o-Danish, an online TV session hosted by Dr Muneer Ahmad aired on Dunay TV. The text has been rendered into English by Mr Dhu al-Nurain.

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