Supplications Adding Adversities


I have noticed that whenever I start reciting the Qur'an for nonstop hours or engage in optional prayers or invoke Allah's names for the achievement of my supplications Allah tests me more and more and does not answer my prayer urgently. Moreover I face a lot of problems, obstacles or pains in my day to day life. I guess when I try to be near to Him my grades starts getting higher and that is why He makes me feel tested. So, as a result I leave all above mentioned "things". People tell me that why more worship brings more tests and problem. I am already tired of tests so I can't bear more and am about to leave all good things I do in order to avoid further tests by Allah.

People also say that if one keeps on thinking about one particular prayer or runs after one thing all the time Allah never grants so. It is better to be care free. Soon you will see that your prayer will reach point of achievement. Is all that true? Am I doing right by leaving all good things? I am a person who thinks instead of watching Tv, watching movies on cable or listening to music it is better to worship Allah. But when I spend my most of time in reciting Quran or offering optional prayers I face a lot of tests. I can't face tests. I am already going through a tough time so then what should I do to utilize my time. Life is spent useless.


The Holy Qur'an says that prayer is a very important shield against the difficulties and hardships we face in this world. Seek help through perseverance and the Salah. (Qur'an 2:155)

The Almighty says that if one perseveres and seeks Allah's help through prayer he is aided by the faith in God and his abounding help. It does not mean that the difficulties are curtailed and the problems are solved as by magic. It means that it develops our faith in God and gives us the wisdom to see that how insignificant are these trials and what great reward will we get if we preserver and have faith in the Almighty Allah. God gives us courage and grants us with understanding the nature of this life on earth. When we are sure that what we do in this life and what we face here in this world is going to add to our rewards in the afterlife we feel courage to brave any difficultly and overlook any problem. It was what the Prophet (sws) would do when facing difficulties. He would stand in prayer before his Lord and seek His help.

I believe that you need to correct the notion that remembering God through prayer and recitation of the Qur'an adds to our difficulties. The tests and trials in our life are all set. The relation of the problems with your interaction with God does not necessarily mean what you have concluded. It can be absolutely coincidental. Your faith might be tested through this. Therefore, I would suggest seek God's help and guidance through prayer again to cope with this problem. The said notion negates the basic teachings of the Qur'an. I pray to the Almighty that he helps you out of these problems and guides you out of such thoughts.

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