Tax And Zakah


On top of the zakat on all our assets, the government imposes tax on the same. What is your view on this - which one is deductable in legal terms?


Mr. Ghamidi's research on the topic led him to the conclusion that an Islmaic government has not been given any right to impose taxes except the Zakah. (for detail please refer to the following article: Sanctity of Ownership which can be reached at: and Taxes Other than Zakah)

This means that we can consider our Zakah paid when we have paid in taxes more that the Zakah payable. However, it does not mean that we should stop paying taxes. What we can do is to convince the government that the law it has implemented does not conform to the Islamic teachings. Until and unless the government changes its policy and revises the law we have to pay as commanded by the law of the land.

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