The Chosen Ones


This Sura (62:6), in addressing the followers of Nabi Musa, says that "If you believe yourself, to be the chosen race, to the exclusion of others, then express your desire for death."

Would you say that this also applies to Muslims, who consider themselves to be the chosen race, to the exclusion of others, based on religion alone, as opposed to their taqwa.


Of course you are absolutely right in your concern over the conceit Muslims have chosen to fall into. They deem it their birthright to be grated the everlasting bliss in the afterlife. We find the Holy Qur'an strongly condemning such vain desires of the Jewish people. The Qur'an admonishes them for sticking to such fancies. By the same token Muslims should be the first ones to abhor such ideas but tragically enough they cherish such hopes, which the Qur'an refuses everyone.

We think that contemporary Muslims need to be reminded of the true state of affairs and the fact that none can fair enough in the last merely because of the race/creed he belongs to.

The Qur'an says:

That was a people that have passed away. They shall have what they earned and you shall have what you have earned and you shall not be questioned about what they used to do. (2:134)

The verse clearly indicates that the Jews feel pride only in their lineage and rely completely on their forefathers. They fancy that their forefathers had performed their (Jews' of the time prophet (sws)) share of deeds and thus they liberated them of all responsibilities. This pride and over confidence is mere fantasy.

I do not think why Muslims should not take heed from this.

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