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My question is about family, about which Mr. Ghamidi has talked at various occasions. His definition of a family is a husband (man) and a wife (woman) and children (biological or adopted). With this definition, at the root of this family is a male and female. Why is it necessary that it be constituted with a male or female?

Other forms of family can be rooted in a man and a man and a woman and a woman. This alternate form of family may or may not have children of their own from a previous heterosexual relationship or adopted.

Such a unit can perform the functions of a family just as well as a man and woman relationship. What is the Islamic position on a family unit based on a man and man or woman and woman relationship with agreed upon roles of the traditional husband and wife?


Thank you for wring to us. We believe that God Almighty has created man with certain conditions. A convenient and smooth life of a human being on earth and reproduction of the human race depend on a natural process. We know that man is not, like other animals, born with relatively strong means of sustenance. He is more dependent on the family than the rest of the animals. What he lacks as a result is fulfilled by the parents and the family. Again when he is old, he needs help and protection from his family and children.

This is the natural process which has been endorsed not only by the religion but also reason and human experience. The Qur'an endorses it in no unclear terms. We do not find the Book introducing any other unit of social structure. Islam also endorses the basis and foundation of the family based on the previous experience. The Book of God tells us that He created Eve for Adam and set the institution of family right in the beginning.

The social laws of Islam are based on this established family system. We have no sound basis to confront it. Indeed no alternative has been introduced and successfully implemented. We do not know of a system better than the natural system endorsed by God in His revelations. If you know that there is such a system or better one we will consider it and see if it is applicable in line with the teachings of Islam.

There is no doubt in that two males can decide to live together on the basis of mutual help. Will it be considered a family and will it substitute the family is a question that we need to understand with your help.

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