The Interpretations Made By The Holy Prophet (sws)


Please provide some evidences from the Holy Qur'ān to maintain that the interpretations made by the Holy Prophet (sws) regarding the issues not discussed in the Holy Qur'ān were correct.


Most of the prophetic views are considered a part of the religion by the whole ummah. For example, under the rule of marrying two sisters, he forbade marrying maternal or paternal aunt and her niece. He also declared the fowls and other ambiguous things inedible. The Holy Qur'ān merely has given a general law in this regard and the Holy Prophet (sws) has explicated it. Some people believe that such views of the Holy Prophet (sws) were also a revelation. But incase, if they were the interpretations of the Holy Prophet (sws), still it becomes clear that the Holy Prophet (sws) explained something and the divine revelation did not turn it down. Therefore, such directives are correct.

Translated by: Abid Mahmood Hashmi

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