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We see across so many Muslims living in this world but most of them are either obeying only some of the teachings of Islam and some of them are in confliction with each other. What is the solution to make them aware of real teachings of Islam and how would we represent the Islamic views?


We believe that it is the duty of the Muslim scholars to analyze the reasons why people fail to follow the religious teachings and what are the causes of sectarian conflicts. The scholars are obliged to present the religion in pure form and not to encourage sectarianism. Regretfully many scholars do the opposite. Their preaching is not based on the Qur'an but on the foundational principles of the school of thought they represent. We have taken upon us the responsibility to represent religious teachings in their pristine form detached from any specific school of thought and sect. We believe it is the only way out of the problem. For a better understanding of our views on diverse religious issues and the implementation of the shari'ah please study the books and articles on our sites, and

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