Umrah By A Nursing Mother


Two years ago I intended to go for umrah. Now I am married and a mother of one-year old baby by the grace of ALLAH and can afford easily all expenditures of umrah. The problem however is that my baby is just one-year old and is on my breast feed. It would be difficult for me to leave her behind for 15 days. It would also not so easy for me to take her with me because I want to pay full attention to worship rituals during my stay in Saudi Arab. I am in a great confusion on this matter. Kindly give me a right guideline in this matter in the light of Islamic Sharī'ah.


I am afraid I cannot offer any clear suggestion as the decision rests on yourself. You are best aware of your circumstances and the intensity of your wish to go for the Umrah. You were not primarily obligated to perform Umrah. The act is purely supererogatory in its nature. Therefore, there is no need to create problems for yourself and the baby by proceeding urgently. Even if you have made it obligatory upon you by vowing, it can be offered at any time in future. The Almighty has made it clear that he does not tend to burden his slaves rather he has made provision to even delay some of the basic religious obligations in such cases. The basic requirement is complete surrender, submission and strong conviction to adhere to his commandments. One must not be finding excuses to avoid the religious obligations rather he should only benefit from these when needed and be thankful to the Almighty for the provisions availed.

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