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Alcohol can be used as medicine. In case of insomnia (lack of sleep), doctors prescribe tablets which cause sleep. My questions in this regard follow:

1) Can alcohol be used for this purpose, when the patient needs sleep, otherwise he/she could become sick because of lack of sleep? Already it has been used nowadays in many cough syrup and it has this additional effect of sleep also? Can we use those syrups for sleep?

2) So can we use beer, or wine a little to get sleep, if we are having a problem in sleep and it is confirmed diagnosed by doctors?

3) Or simply because of mental tension, we could not sleep but a little wine can make us sleep? Would it be allowable?


There are two things to consider:

A. Since alcohol is Haram in Islam, the amount of it is not relevant. A devoted servant of God will avoid what the Almighty has made Haram, being a drop or plenty.

B. If the person suffers from an illness, a suffering that is beyond normal bearing of human being, and if this illness can be recovered or made bearable only and only by consuming a drink or food that is made Haram, then it is permissible for the person to consume this drink or food only to the extent that is needed to help the person with the suffering. This is because human being's life has a respect that, when in danger, can overcome religious rules with regard to Halal and Haram.

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